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Top 3 best DJ headphones for beginners in 2019?

If you want to become a DJ, then you probably know that buying the right set of headphones is crucial. Headphones are an absolute necessity no matter what your level of djing is. Although you can manage with some regular consumer headphones or the competitive iPhone buds, clearly you’ll be setting yourself for a huge disadvantage. This is because consumer headphones don’t have the necessary bass response, clarity and noise isolation that DJs rely on to zero in on sonic details when mixing in a crowded, noisy venue.

Why you need professional DJ headphones

You’ve probably already watched several DJing tutorials so you already know that that a DJ’s headphones represent an essential piece of monitoring gear that you really should be taking seriously.

This is because headphones that are not top level quality can make mixing to the beat way more difficult because you aren’t able to properly hear what you’re cueing up next, and it also ruins your long term hearing because you keep taking up the volume just so you can hear your headphone cue mix above the venue noise.

Best professional DJ headphones

In this article we’ll be listing three of the best DJ headphones – if you’re thinking of trading up to a better pair of cans, you can’t go wrong with any one of these picks.

Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10

The Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10 is the newest addition to the headphone world that we are listing in this article, and it’s definitely one of the best out there today.

It gives you one of the most comforting feelings and noise isolation provided by the cushy ear pads are second to none, and we love the deep bass and clear highs that the onboard speaker drivers deliver.

Pioneer DJ markets these headphones as “high-definition” ones that are capable of playing Hi-Resolution audio files, but even if you just spin with normal MP3 files you’ll appreciate the clarity and tight sound of these phones.

They do have a disadvantage though, it’s the fact that they’re on the chinkier, bulkier side, so you might skip these if you prefer smaller on-ear ones.

Price: US$249

Sennheiser HD 25-1 II

An, old school classic that hit the stores back in1988, these iconic headphones are a model that continues to be favoured by professional DJs the world over. It’s revered for its lightweight build, making it ideal for extended DJ use.

Tweaks have been made to their design over the years, and today’s HD 25-1 II model features a split headband that can be adjusted for comfort without adding significant heft and weight to the headphone.

Undoubtedly, the sound is as great as ever, offering a tight bass signature that punches above its speaker driver size class.

The Sennheisers HD 25-1 II remain the headphones of choice for many travelling techno and house DJs, and one that won’t go out of style anytime soon (or ever).

Price: US$279

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

Audio Technica is probably one of the most popular and highly recommended DJ headphone producers out there right now.

And at the forefront of the music world is more specifically their ATH-M50 model. These are the headphones you’ll most likely see around the neck and on the ears of every major EDM DJ’s neck.

The 44 mm large-aperture drivers on these contain what Audio Technica claims are rare earth magnets that are in fact powered and connected by copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils.

This technology is the one that gives you that crisp, flat, and clear response with a surprisingly bolstered low-end for headphones. The key point there is the flat response. Consumer headphones give you the best experience by molding the sound – offering added oomph on the bass or extra sparkle on the top end. But a good set of DJ headphones won’t do much to shape the sound.

These headphones will give you a frequency response of 15 Hz to 28 kHz, which is more than you’ll need for the average mix, and they operate at an optimal 38W impedance. Beyond the high quality of the sound, the headphones are also built in a great fashion, offering 90-degree swiveling cups, a perfectly contoured earpad on each side, as well as ultra-sturdy construction. That last point is really what puts these at the top of the list. Sure, they sound great, but they’ll also feel good on your head and they won’t break down super easily after weeks bringing these with you on the road.

Price: $149